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Monty suites Calabar is distinguished by the assorted Continental and Nigerian Cuisines. Ranging from
Full English Breakfast:

Choice of egg, Spanish omelette, sunny side up etc. Sauage bacon, mushroom sauce, fried plantain or potatoe chips, fresh or toast, glass of juice, tea or coffee
Continental breakfast:

Cereals of choice, bread basket, tea or coffee etc.
Nigerian Breakfast:

Choice of fried or boiled yam, plantain, potatoe chips or white rice with egg sauce or stew etc.


Cream of mushroom, sweet corn soup, onion soup, chicken cream soup and spring rolls etc.

Fresh fish, chicken, beef or goat meat pepper soup – served with fresh bread
Main Dish

Nigerian cooking style:

Afang soup, Edikang Ikong soup, Okro Soup, Fisherman soup, Efo riro, Oha soup, Bitterleaf soup Egusi soup- served with your choice of goat meat, fresh fish or dry fish, beef and chicken; Accompanied by Garri, Semovita, Pounded Yam or Wheat. Isi Ewu, Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Sunshine Rice, Native Rice – served with your choice of fish, chicken, goat meat or beef.

Fish or chicken and chips – Relished prawns served with chips or rice. Stir fried beef served with white rice. Monty Club Sandwich served with chips, Spaghetti bolognaise, Beef casserole served with white rice , Mixed grilled skewer served with French fries, Monty burger with French fries, Pasta of choice served with delicious Monty Sauce.

Seasonal fruit salad, cream caramel, cheese cake, queen’s cake, Swiss rolls.